What is the difference? Dry skin vs dehydrated skin. 

Dry or dehydrated skin? The difference is not always easy to determine. Your skin needs both moisture and oil to stay in good condition. Dehydrated skin is tight and often shows dry lines, it can even become sensitive or red. Dry skin naturally needs more fats, and of course sufficient moisture, to remain soft and supple. 


Lipophilic and hydrophilic:

Fortunately, fat is absorbed well. The skin is, as they say, 'lipophilic'. Moisturizing remains a debatable term. The skin is not 'hydrophilic', which means that it does not simply absorb moisture. Only in combination with fat can you, as it were, lock moisture into the skin. 


How does Witlof Skincare ensure optimally hydrated skin? 

  1. Make sure you have well-cleansed, clean skin before starting your routine. You do this by using the Cleansing Mousse or the Gentle Cleansing Milk daily, preferably in the morning and in the evening (read why in our blog about cleansing). 
  2. Then use the Smoothing Peel once a week (or as often as you like and your skin can tolerate). This contains Corallina Seaweed, which makes your skin better able to absorb moisture. 
  3. Then rinse your skin and spray the Balancing Toner directly onto your face. 
  4. By then using the Regenerating Oil Serum, the floral waters of the Balancing Toner are nicely absorbed and retained by your skin. Massage the oil in and you will feel that the wet moisture on your skin is easily absorbed. 
  5. Finally, you finish with one of our creams (Nourishing Facial Cream or Rich Facial Cream), to which we have added hyaluronic acid. One gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to 6 kilos of water, so you understand why this substance works so well on skin moisture. 

Other factors that influence your skins moisture: 

Finally, it's of course a no-brainer that drinking enough water is very important to maintain your skin's moisture from within. But as well as this do you have the heating on? Or air conditioning? Then make sure to hydrate more as dry air also causes dehydrated skin, and don't we all want soft baby butt skin?

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