We hope to make you as aware as possible of what healthy skin care is. What does your skin really benefit from and which cosmetic ingredients are better to avoid or are even downright harmful? Creating awareness about healthy skin care is our absolute mission.

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Natural skincare also goes hand in hand with a better living environment. With our choice of packaging, specific organic ingredients, and our recycling project, we want to contribute in our own way to a more sustainable and healthy world.

Cis & Caroline

Caroline: "When I was seventeen, I started experiencing various allergic reactions for which no cause was found. From that moment, I began to delve into nutrition and its impact on your body. How a healthy lifestyle can help reduce certain symptoms. In addition to nutrition, knowledge of ingredients, healthy living, detox cures, and managing stress through yoga and meditation, I also looked into what you apply to your skin. At that time, I was still a lawyer at an international firm, but I quit. I preferred to raise awareness about the effects of healthy living. Then I opened C. cosmetics in Amsterdam, the first eco-luxury spa and beauty shop in one.

From there, I started the workshops "Know what you're applying". With these, I could raise awareness about skincare, advise and inform people. We also offered a balanced collection of pure products in the shop and salon. However, I sometimes missed a certain product from a beautiful brand, or I noticed that clean products were sometimes not within everyone's budget. This was how the seed for Witlof was planted...

Cis and I have known each other for 20 years, and when we talked about the changing world, our conscious lifestyle, and the need to incorporate this into our work, everything fell into place."

Cis: "I come from the corporate world and worked for various international companies, including a food manufacturer. I was responsible for, among other things, the sauces. After many years of developing and introducing new products, I noticed that I was beginning to value responsible and healthy living more. This made the promotion of the sales of unhealthy products grating, and I started looking for something that I really stood behind and felt a passion for.

During that time, I also became a mother and started using skin care that was natural and organic. When I spoke to Caroline about C. cosmetics and the desire to develop their own line, it was immediately clear. I had extensive experience in developing and rolling out new products, and I could go for clean cosmetics with full conviction!

We decided to continue together from Amsterdam and London, pooled our knowledge, and developed Witlof Skincare. A natural skincare line with healthy products that are effective, smell nice, look great, and are priced accessibly. For anyone who wants to stay beautiful in a healthy way."


Have you taken the skin test but are unsure if it's accurate? Do you have specific questions about your skin or unique challenges you are facing?

Caroline, co-founder of Witlof Skincare, has over 12 years of experience in natural skincare and has already provided thousands of people with appropriate advice. Advice that goes beyond just which product suits your skin. Consider, for example, nutrition, but also intolerances or lifestyle have an impact on the condition of your skin.

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