Below you'll find everything you need to know about the Witlof skin detox, including why and how you do it, what you can expect, and information about our detox sets. If you have questions or want to know more about your skin, book a free online personal skin consultation.


Your skin is addicted

Do you know the feeling of wanting to apply cream to your face as quickly as possible after showering because your skin feels tight or burning?

There are substances in skincare products that your skin can become addicted to. That is, if you don't use them for a while, your skin reacts, for example with dryness or acne.

The most common addictive substance is mineral oil (also called paraffin, petroleum jelly or mineral oil) and is still used in many creams.

By applying this type of fat, you get a sealing layer on your skin and your sebum production becomes unbalanced. This leads to dehydration, faster skin aging, or more clogging. The tight, dry feeling makes you want to apply more quickly.

For users of lip balm, this is already a known phenomenon. But like all addictions, this one is not healthy either. Doing a skin detox gets you rid of it.

In addition to the mineral oils, your skin also clears other (skin-aging) substances such as synthetic perfumes or certain preservatives.

Do you want to have a clean skin that is optimally balanced? Then do the skin test to know which detox is best for your skin type.

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1. Stop Applying

For 28 days, you stop using all creams, fats, and products (including makeup, foundations, and sunscreen) that have one of the following substances on the ingredients list:

1. Mineral oil, petrolatum, vaseline, paraffin, paraffinum (liquidum)

2. Dimethicone/cyclomethicone

3. Methyl-, ethyl-, butyl- or propylparaben

4. Perfume (synthetic)

5. PEG

2. Daily cleaning, once a week the Smoothing Peel

Depending on the result of your skin test, you thoroughly cleanse your face twice a day with the Cleansing Mousse (normal & oily skin) or the Gentle Cleansing Milk (dry & sensitive skin). Then you spray the Balancing Toner on your face to immediately bring the pH of your skin back to the right level. As an extra cleanse and to restore the moisture balance, use the Smoothing Peel once a week.


For the first few days, your skin may feel a bit dry or taut, or pimples may appear. Don't be alarmed by this, but give your skin the time to recover on its own. After 28 days, your skin has completely renewed itself and will naturally restore its balance.

The beauty of nature’s miracles!


A skin detox can bring significant improvements to your skin condition. Your renewed, healthy skin is radiant and balanced. Your skin will likely no longer be dry and tight, or you'll have fewer blockages and visibly smaller pores. Your skin can breathe again and absorb nutrients, with all the beautiful results that come with it.

Once you have completed the 28 days, simply continue with your cleansing routine. In addition, we recommend that you take the skin test again (the result may be very different from before the detox), or book a free online skin consultation for personalized advice. Then you can determine which nourishing products are needed to add to your cleansing routine.


  • What if I really need to moisturize ten times a day and I'm afraid, unable, or unwilling to do the skin detox?

In that case, we recommend that you just do it for a week, or maybe three days. That's a lot easier to stick to. There's also a good chance that after a few days you've already gotten past the worst of it and you'll easily continue with detoxing.

If this still doesn't convince you, know that you're always allowed to apply a bit of (clean, mineral oil- and silicone-free) cream if you really can't bear it. Your skin will then need a bit longer for the detox (for example, 8 weeks instead of 4), but it will feel less intense.

  • What do I do to protect my skin from the sun?

First of all, stay out of the sun during the detox, or protect yourself with clothing, a hat, or cap. If that's not possible, consider clean mineral makeup (something different than mineral oil) as foundation. These are powders that usually have a protection factor of 20/25. Finally, you can always choose to apply a (clean, mineral oil- and silicone-free) sunscreen with a natural filter.

  • Am I allowed to use makeup?

It's better to avoid makeup altogether. Foundations or primers with mineral oil and silicones are definitely worth avoiding during and after the detox. If you still want to even out your skin, you can use mineral makeup in the form of powders or (clean, mineral oil- and silicone-free) liquid foundation. Perhaps our Tinted Day Cream with SPF30 could be a solution as well.


Normal to Oily Skin and Dry & Sensitive Skin

Depending on your skin type, we have a set for you

1. Set for Normal to Oily Skin

Includes the Cleansing Mousse, Balancing Toner, and Smoothing Peel

2. Set for Dry to Sensitive Skin

Includes the Cleansing Milk, Balancing Toner, and Smoothing Peel

Would you like more information? Or do you not know what skin type you have? Then take the skin test, send us an email, or book a free online personal skin consultation.

Detox sets

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