Meet our ambassador, Kavi!
Kavi is a yoga instructor in England and the Netherlands. Kavi has an Instagram account where she shares her life, including her long journey with eczema. By studying in the Hague for a while, she was able to experience the differences between the 2 countries. 

What is your typical skincare routine?
I wash my face with cold water. Then I tone with the Rosewater Balancing Toner. Then I apply the Regenerating Oil Serum or Argan Oil from Witlof
In the evening I clean my face with the Cleansing Mousse and tone again with the Balancing Toner. I finish with one of the oils as well. 

You've shared you've suffered from eczema your entire live. How has this impacted you? 
It’s impacted my self confidence but its allowed me to become more accepting and trying to accept myself even with imperfection. It’s def been a long struggle that I have had to grow with. Quote van Instagram; 'I’ve chosen not to suffer anymore. I do have eczema, and my skin does look like this. it does itch, and it does look and feel dry. It’s not perfect, and to be honest I don’t expect it ever to be anymore. my skin has been the place I released my emotions on to, so naturally, it does look like it’s been through a lot.'

How does clean beauty fit into your life and lifestyle?
Yes it fits very much into my lifestyle as I don’t like to use anything with additives even with my food. I don’t like to eat anything that’s too processed. I like it as pure as possible. 
I am also an advocate for sustainability. Recycling where I can and making more sustainable choices where I can
I want to know what I apply to my body. If it gets absorbed by my bloodstream I’d like to know what it is. I’d like to apply the same philosophy to what I eat. So I think the 2 should be the same. 

Which Witlof Skincare products do you use and which are your favourite?
I use the Cleansing Mousse, the serum and the Nourishing Facial Cream in combination with the serum. And in the summer I was also using the SPF suncream. I just really love them!

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